Monday, April 7, 2008

These people wear nicer clothes than me.

I love street fashion, but find the likes of fruits a little much sometimes.

If you also have a passing interest for street fashion, you should check these out!

The Sartorialist

A more high-fashion look at street fashion; a lot of the photos are of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous clothes in fashionable cities like New York, Paris, and Milan, and then he throws in old italian barbers, or how high street fashion looks in New Delhi right now. Neat pickings!

Hel Looks

Street fashion from Helsinki, Finland. It runs the gamut from pretty to weird to what-just-happened. Some of it leaves me pretty baffled that people actually leave the house looking like this, but then again, I have no sense of adventure.

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JuanCarlos said...

welcome to last year IRMAAA GAWDDDD