Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Patrick Swayze: Metaphor or Memorial?

So you remember that background?

It's now full of primal teddies and animated!

An epic tale of friendship and heartbreak set to the fine musical stylings of Queen. Don't even pretend you're not a little excited.

Big ups, puppet tool. Big ups.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's too good! Great!

Bennett John Oliver Slater said...

big ups, and werd ta ya mutha.

stay real.

(talking that way felt wrong... but somehow right)

Dave Webber said...

irma you've gone done me proud!

sheer joy

Greg Dubeau said...

Ahahahhahahahahaha, pure gold. Even without Swayze this is so good in so many ways.

Yuta said...

this one is soooo adrable!
nicely done!

Anonymous said...

im so frustrated that i cant watch that video. i refreshed like 6 times already.

why havent we talked in so long> and where did you go when i saw you in toronto?? you disappeared!

Anonymous said...

wow. saw it and it is..

how are you not rich?

Juan Carlos said...

its full of LOLVA!!!

Chris Coles said...

Wow... the music works so well. You were born to make this animation. Cute... Very cute.

Chelsea said...

Did you make this! I am so fucking excited right now.

Irma Kniivila said...

haha, I did!

We should have a party; you can make jam and I will animate.

A jamimation party.