Friday, April 25, 2008

Faculty family? Yes please!

Grad show!

Amazing work, amazing people. I had no idea what a lot of the graduating students were producing, so I was pretty blown away by the level of quality and individuality all across the board. Big ups, class of '08, big ups.

As a side effect, I'm now ridiculously pumped for fourth year! Hopefully next year we can pull off something as good as this.

There was this, AMAZING freight elevator at the grad show venue, the Burroughes Building. I don't know how old the elevator is, but the building is over 100 years old.

And hey, we're moved now! There's still boxes of stuff EVERYWHERE, and I haven't been able to cook for the last few days, but at least everything is moved into the new place. We're now on the 7th floor!


Rey O said...

nice seeing you ever so briefly at the show Irma.

Chris Coles said...

I see my back! ....stalker...