Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Food Chain Seed Packets

Working in groups within class, we were assigned to produce something of an ad campaign featuring our illustrative skills.
The group I worked with put together a package for the evergreen foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing nature back to schools and the community.

Carlie designed clay pots with children's faces painted on them (hopefully she will post them), which children would plant and grow seeds in, in order to symbolize their growing understanding of nature.

And so! I designed food chain seed packets to go along and be planted in these pots. The idea was that each food chain would start with seeds, which would be encompassed inside an insect, which would then be encompassed within an animal. They are all viable food chains within Ontario, insofar as my research goes.

The hand stitched envelopes.

The contents of the outer envelopes! The snail, caterpillar and bee are sewed shut and would contain pansy, queen anne's lace, and clover seeds, respectively.

Details on the cardinal chain, my favourite of the three chains.

He fits right in there! What fun.

These were supposed to be printed on plantable paper, but after spending 17 dollars for 5 letter sized sheets, I couldn't get my hands on a printer that the paper would run through. Haha, sigh.


CLR said...

I love it.
Lets do projects together more often.

Together, we'll go places


Yuta said...

very adorable work!
kids will definitely love this!!

good job!