Thursday, July 24, 2008


I did this originally for an ad for co-op, but thought the image itself was kind of fun. So I made some edits, slapped on a nonsense saying, and here you have it! Summer.


JuanCarlos said...

TUBULAR!!! post the original version!!!

Hey YOU KNOW WHAT!!! I think I will take it easy!!! YEAH I WILL!

Anonymous said...

AH! It's so adorable. As the post above me says: I might also take it easy. Yeah!


Rey O said...

i like lumpy creatures and fishing

ergo: this pleases me.

also: nice to see you at the show. even though your ninja swords kept jumping into people

Ian Herring said...

Taking it easy in Quebec .

Good work.

Let's get some more motivational posters.

CLR said...

holy heck.
heck yes!

Julia said...

grrrl what textures you using for the bg? all of these cutout like pics are awesomeee