Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've been feeling really edgy and trapped lately; there's no feeling I hate more than that of stagnation.

Mixed media on Rives BFK paper, edited in Photoshop CS3.


Yuta said...

i totally understand how you feel when you get edgy and trapped. it's like you dont even know what to do right? i can feel the emotion from this piece!

Juan Carlos said...
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JuanCarlos said...

very eerie! I really like this!!
great stuff!!!

Greg Dubeau said...

Great composition for a portrait. I also have recently started my love affair with the thicker print making papers.

Chris Coles said...

Neat, very "faded italian church painting" feel to it.

Thom May said...

Irma: PNCA. Portland is the shit (so far), and the third time's the charm, so it made sense. Statistically speaking, I'm bound to graduate from somewhere, eventually, at some point.

And thanks, I am only just barely starting learning, kinda! How do you do a "paint"?? I do not get it! Which end of the brush goes down? What???

Thanks for even looking, you know I know you rock it the most hardcorely. Post more. So excellent!