Friday, August 13, 2010

These little guys need names!

I've got a fishbowl on my desk with some aquatic plants in it and an Amano shrimp (Which I've named Yoshitaka, Yoshi for short. Get it...? Ha. Haaa...)

Last night I made the discovery of not one...not two, but THREE baby snails, which look like wee ramshorn snails. They must have come in on the plants and have been growing ever since. I'm so excited to be witnessing the miracle of life before my very eyes!

Though, unchecked, this could easily become a veritable snail infestation. So exciting!

On the note of aquariums, I've certainly spammed this link out enough, but one last go...just the best planted aquariums on the planet.

I'd definitely rather have a dog than an elaborate aquarium, but MAN. Lookit those things.

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Erika said...

Edgar and Theodore...?