Wednesday, June 10, 2009

je ne comprends pas.

(Click to enlarge)

(Obligatory downtown view)

So I'm here in Montreal, having an amazing time and lacking a scanner. (Also, severely regretting underestimating the difficulty of learning to speak french.)

I've seen some amazing live music, drank some alright beer, and done a hell of a lot of walking. It seems like there's at least 3 festivals going on simultaneously at any given time in the summer months. Totally bonkers!


Ryan Christiani said...

You know for some 6 years or so I was taught french in school and failed horribly, I don't know where you get off trying to learn it in 5 weeks....ballsy.

Greg Dubeau said...

The French are a tough crowd to please, I should know . . . because I'm French and you know how hard it is to please me. I'm jk, i have the attention span of a squirell. I like your new drawings, they are very pretty.

Chris Coles said...

I agree, awesome watercolour and sketches. I love visiting old places.