Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scenes from BC

I spent some time in a little town called Kaslo in southern British Columbia the past two days. It's built on a forested mountainside by a lake, and some of its back residential roads look like they came straight out of a miyazaki film.

And afterwards, we went to Ainsworth Hot Springs, which features a CAVE. Seriously, you go sit in a cave in piping hot water and sweat until your brains come out of your nose. It's pretty awesome.

(Photo courtesy of Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort )

PS: Tomorrow I am going to Montreal for a month so that I may mangle the french language. WISH ME LUCK.


Ryan Christiani said...

Did you see any cat taxi's making there way along the streets...or big forest spirits staring at you with a blank stare from that trees? Did you see any of those things?!

Greg Dubeau said...

Well look at this little traveling girl. Gallivanting over the Canadian countryside like it's your back yard. Good luck in Montreal and give my regards to the swarms and swarms of incredibly attractive French females.

Hyein Lee said...

Gooood Luck, Irma!
Donnez-moi des bonbons!

yousayparty said...

my mom grew up in kaslo! i used to spend every summer out there as a kid... there and other places in the kootenays...