Monday, January 26, 2009

Sisyphean Tasks

It's a race to nowhere!

PS: Long time no post.


Anonymous said...

no kidding! where have you been!!

irma kniivila said...


Gorging, in a word.

Who has time for art when you can eat 18 hours a day?!

CLR said...

this is...impossibly perfect? whoa deep.
BUT seriously. I REALLY love this direction Irma. POST YOUR CHARACTERS!

Anonymous said...

Aaah! It's wicked awesome! That elbow licking will be the death of me. Although if there were an event for extreme facial frowning, I'd kick some ass in that.

Guess what? I have these terrible battle wounds from being cut out of my arm casts for my art class. It looks strangely like I hurt myself....yikes.


irma kniivila said...

Arm casts?

Please tell me you're making battle droids based on your features.


Anonymous said...

Sadly no. We ended up breaking two pairs of scissors just trying to get me out. We are making "self-expression" plaster casts. If only we had enough skillz to handle battle droids.

Yeah, I almost peed my pants laughing as three people tried to pry me out.

Long comment!!

Erika said...

oh look, you got me at yoga class!

xoxoxo to this