Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sea

I've been doing a lot of paintings on Yupo paper lately; it's got a surface similar to Mylar but is white, thicker, and opaque.

20x26", ink and acrylic on Yupo

And a detail shot:


Ian Herring said...

"I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold
We'd fire no guns - shed no tears
Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier
The last of Barrett's Privateers."

Shanty! That's pretty sweet, what's up with the yellow chemistry diagrams though? They are interesting, just confusing..

I think it's safe to say that ship is fucked.

Bennett said...

coincidentally, your description of yupo paper is an exact match to my personal ad on

bryce huffman said...

killer pirate whore bro.