Friday, August 22, 2008

Team Spirit! Safety First!

So I spent my summer working at the Home Depot, and today was my last day of employment, so I made up a stupid little illustration which I got printed all little and gave to people as an important reminder that the only proper way to carry your safety knife if you don't have arms is in your mouth.

Irma Kniivila: Creating lasting impact in the workplace!


Ryan Christiani said...

Looks like a real safety A team you got there!

Do they all ride to work in a sweet van?

JuanCarlos said...

Since when did you work at home depot!?!? Since when did people keep going to home depot?!?! since when were theyre monsters at home depot???
i need to go there more often...

this is great! and so is the last post! (2 for 1 comment)

Anonymous said...

Ah! Neat-O!

Those silly cakes? I unfortunately didn't take a photo of a very disgusting attempt to make my father a sludge-green coloured, red-starred communist party cake.

*sighs* I tried to be a good daughter.

Awesome Depot Mongrels!