Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tegan and Sara?!

All joking aside, here's a new Sunday painting:

11"x14", Acrylic and ink on BFK Rives Paper


JuanCarlos said...


this is incredible!!
I love the brush strokes!!

Nimit Malavia said...

what is this? traditional art?!

I'm a fan!
I love the composition and how loosely you painted it, really beautiful work.

lovely, kniivila

Chelsinki said...

Irmango. I like the painting, but it scares me.

What I actually came by to say is that your blog has been sending me a wonderful amount of traffic lately. I take this to mean you yourself have a lot of viewers to your fine art and I congratulate you on such accomplishments.

Yuta said...

its nicely done!
great texture with the brush strokes!
what's the next move???

Anonymous said...

tightness. i saw a sculpt of a similar formation, except as a deer's head(s). it was gold and rad.
yours is also gold (star) and rad.

Anonymous said...


Is this the holy Irma Kniivila?!
By george, you are DA BOMB.


Anonymous said...

Oh, by the by:

How are you?

(long time no...everything)

Irma said...

holy crap, Lora!

I don't know what your e-mail is anymore, but you should send me one so that we can correspond!

go go!

PS: Thanks, guyyyyys

Greg Dubeau said...

This scares the shit out of me.