Friday, March 21, 2008

Wishful thinking, bucko!

I know it's pretty trite to complain about the weather, but geez. I forget how awful the end of winter is every year.

Life as a penguin, while cordial and good mannered, would be the absolute pits. Huddling in a barren wasteland, not really my idea of a good time. And don't even get me started on leopard seals. Not only do they eat hapless penguins, but did you know they are also MAN-KILLERS??

"Leopard seal feeding behavior is most easily seen when preying on penguins. The captured bird is thrashed about on the water until its skin peels away. The remaining carcass is then eaten."

How absolutely horrific. PETA lied to me.


Dave Webber said...


You and your gd, gd! Read that as you like haha...

I really like this...alot..I've been holding back :) Very fresh and to the messin around, yet the textures keep me coming back for more!

Alright i'll

On another note you have horrified me deeply on the aspects of the Leopard seal and now i'm going to have a hard time sleeping..that is of course if i'm swimming in my dream.


Yuta said...

is coming soon...
nice work!