Friday, February 1, 2008

10^8 experience points until the next level

The most recent project for interpretive class:

It deals with collecting a lifetime's worth of experience.

Clemente gave us the exercise of coming up with three words that we would like our work to embody, and the words that I chose were subtle, surreal (moreso in a Magritte fashion than Dali), and emotive. I think that consciously thinking about what direction I wanted to go in helped me be satisfied with an interpretive project for, possibly the first time so far in my time at school.

I've been highly influenced by the illustrations of Shout and Emiliano Ponzi for the last little while. I think that they both embody a really beautiful and quiet sophistication which makes them stand out. That, and they're both Italian!
I don't know if they've just got a long history of living in beautiful cities with beautiful landscape and beautiful fashion, but Italians seem to have this really refined aesthetic sense. I'd love to make it out there and soak a little bit of it up, someday.


Ryan Christiani said...

Thats awesome that you are actually had a good time with this one, because is that not what it is all about!? And you know, it turned out well too.

Juan Carlos said...

The use of the white space is soooooooo nice it makes me cry and hate you. This is sick!! TEACH ME YOUR MOVES GOKU!!!!